🌐 IYDU Council Meeting 2019 elects new board of the organisation 🗳

The International Young Democrat Union held its 2019 Council Meeting in Brussels between 13 and 15 of December. Delegates from all around the world had the chance to visit the European Parliament and also elected the new board that will coordinate the work of the institution for one year. More than 60 young leaders attended from all continents and gathered at the European People’s Party headquarters to decide about priorities and new executive for 2020.

You can find below the list of the new IYDU Board:

IYDU BOARD 2019-2020

Chairman: Bruno Kazuhiro (Juventude Democratas – Brazil)

Deputy Chairman: Juho Maki-Lohiluoma (KNL – Finland)

Secretary General: Michael Dust (Junge Union – Germany)

Treasurer: Syrilla Makarezou (ONNED – Greece)


Dorcas Francis (Bavicha – Tanzania)
Falah Hasan (KDYU – Kurdistan)
Isabella Tymviou (NEDISY – Cyprus)
Jevgeni Garmash (IRL – Estonia)
Lucie Voseckova (EYC – Czech Republic)
Michelle Taiah (Jovenes PRO – Argentina)
Nick Francis (CYDU – St. Vincent and Grenadines)
Sourabh Choudhary (BJP – India)
Thomas Hofstetter (Junge CVP – Switzerland)
Virgilio Falco (EDS – Italy)

Co-Opted Board Members:

Carlo de Romanis (Forza Italia Giovani – Italy)
Francisco Laplaine Guimarães (JP – Portugal)
Frederik Hultman (MUF – Sweden)
Henry Boakye Nana (NPP – Ghana)
Hikmat Jung Karki (NDYO – Nepal)
Josh Manuatu (Young Liberals – Australia)
Khulan Batbayar (DYU – Mongolia
Lilit Berglaryan (YRPA – Armenia)
Marwa El Ansari (Istiqlal – Morocco)
Pavlos Konstas (DAP-NDFK – Greece)


Charlotte Kude (Conservatives – UK)
Ruben Schuster (Junge Union – Germany)

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